Kathy's Blend

Kathy's Blend

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30ct. Kathy's Blend is a compound of mood tranquilizing herbs combined to create an ultimate sensation of relaxation and mental stability. Like drinking a glass of wine without the wine. This combination of Lemon Balm, Hops, and Passion Flower work together to drastically decrease stress, reduce symptoms of depression, and help with insomnia and anxiety while supporting your digestive system. You will find reduced indigestion, bloating, and an overall system boosting from head to toe.


This blend was concocted for a law enforcement officer Kathy, who developed lung cancer after years of working in the evidence room where she was exposed to mold for many years. After her battle with chemotherapy, she began to feel very depressed, and started having suicidal thoughts. Kathy’s symptoms of depression were actually caused from her body withdrawing from the drugs in chemotherapy. This blend was created to aid Kathy’s mood and support her body while it purged the toxins from chemotherapy.


    Size OO vegetarian cellulose capsules. 30 Count per package. Recommended dose: 2 capsules every 4-6 hours. May take 3 capsules every 4-6 hours if needed. Maximum dose: 9 capsules per 24 hours.


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