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Visit Dr. Lakisha in Jamaica

"Wellness is not just a destination, it is an experience."

The process of healing begins with one's openness to being healed. The right environment must be taken into consideration on a personal level.

Experience one of Dr. Lakisha's wellness packages, customized to assist with getting the mind in in sync with the purpose of your health journey. Become more in sync with the commencement of the journey to obtaining optimal health.

The Dr. Lakisha tailored wellness experience packages take into consideration your individual medical and psychological state and matches it with your desired health outcome.

Experiences include:

Holistic - Therapeutic - Meditation - Relaxation - Detox - Medication

Dr. Lakisha, Traditional Naturopath, will introduce visitors to many medicinal and nutritional herbal allies and educate on various botanical compounds including psilocybin.

Visit Jamaica: Services
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