CBD/CBG Phytocannabinoid Supplement (1 Bottle)

CBD/CBG Phytocannabinoid Supplement (1 Bottle)

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Dr. LakishaTM Full Spectrum Hemp Extract:


  • Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails

  • Aids sleep / Helps with anxiety and stress

  • Contains essential fattyacids,vitaminE and DHA

    providing excellent nutrition for the brain

  • Promotes heart health and balanced hormones

  • Naturally rich in antioxidants, carotene, iron,

    magnesium, calcium and zinc


 Peach flavor – earthy sweet tasting – excellent balance of flavor
 Powerfull Full Spectrum Resin combination
 Incoporates alpha cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG)
 CBG promotes Anandamide functions


    9 to 1  1100mg CBD/CBG Tincture 

    Produced using a non‐destructive process - PBX (Pure Botanical Extraction) concentrating of all cannabinoids and unaltered terpenes profile resulting in natural Full Spectrum CBD extracts.These extracts are further refined in high quality Kosher Grade true MCT oil.

    Our chemists specify only true medium chain triglyceride oil (only C8 and C10 chains) promoting faster absorption without imparting nutty aftertaste.

    Delivering 33mg of CBD/dose plus 3.33mg of CBG/dose in
    combination with other minor cannabinoids, rich in natural hemp derived plant terpenes myrcene, betacaryophyllene,
    limonene, humulene ocimene and many more.



    hemp-derived full spectrum CBD extract, hemp-derived full spectrum CBG extract, pure botanical essence of peach, organic coconut oil

    These products incorporate full spectrum oils, resins and terpenes and contain less than 0.3% THC.



    This product has been analyzed by an Independent third-party.



    Squeeze graduated dropper bulb for 1ml of indication.

    For best absorption place under tongue for several minutes. Do not drink for 15 minutes after dosing.

    Note ‐ each 1ml dose is equal to 36.3mg of CBD/CBG.


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